Governance Training

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Hackney Education is delighted to include the Governance Package as part of the annual CPD package for Primary and Secondary schools.

We firmly believe that it is essential for schools to upskill and invest in all members of their community so we want to ensure that any school purchasing our CPD package get free access to our exceptional Governor Training Package for their Governing Body.

This training package is also available as a standalone product when purchased as a 'mini package'.

Why is training for governing boards so important?
In an era where the long-lasting impact of the pandemic will be visible in our pupils, our staff and their families, governance will play a crucial role in the future development of schools more so now than ever before.

Governing the strategic recovery and future development of our schools will require high level understanding of the key issues so that complex decisions and logistical choices can be made. These key issues focus on well-being and resilience, quality of Education, financial sustainability and the expertise needed to support rapid recovery.

We know we will emerge from this difficult period with a better, bolder and more fulfilling way of schooling our children. This training programme will particularly address the insights and ideas that have emerged during this time. 

Sharing our knowledge and good practise
In our new mode of working during these in extraordinary times, we openly share our Chairs Updates and frameworks such as the A Roadmap for Continuity of Strategic Governance in 20/21 offering information and guidance, giving solutions to complex problems, and sharing good practise. 

We have also created our Hackney Governance Framework, and a tool to Review & Assess Governance Risks, which form a driving force in guiding effective governance.
From September 2020, we continue communicating through Chairs Updates and Virtual Governors Forums (Hackney governors only). We will deliver Virtual Governance Training and host our 2nd Conference on the theme of tackling Inequality.

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Booking a Governance Course
Please click on the links below to view and book on to one of our Governance courses. If your school has purchased the Governance Training package please enter the promotional code GOVTRAINING at checkout. If your school has not purchased the Governance Training Package, your school will be charged for courses attended.