Governance Package

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Governance CPD Training Package

Equip your governors with the skills and knowledge they need to challenge continuous improvement and confidently contribute to the successful running of your school.

Our training package supports governing boards and school leaders within a role that is becoming ever more complex, requiring greater accountability of educational standards and management of key risks.

In an era where the long-lasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic will be visible in our pupils, our staff and their families, governance will play a crucial role in the future development of schools.

The package offers a tailor made range of courses to ensure your governors and school leaders are fully prepared to meet their statutory responsibilities. Our training will also provide them with support in delivering stronger governance of educational, organisational and financial performance and developing innovative solutions to common challenges that are facing schools.

You can also have access to all the training that this package offers by buying our primary or secondary CPD package.

The programme of courses focuses on themes for governors such as:

  • professional and ethical responsibilities
  • making the right strategic financial choices
  • development of emotional, mental health and wellbeing of children
  • ensuring an inclusive approach
  • effective engagement with stakeholders and managing complaints
  • Ofsted inspection process


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