Governance Package

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Governance CPD Training Package

Hackney Education is delighted to include the Governance Package as part of the annual CPD package for Primary and Secondary schools.

We firmly believe that it is essential for schools to upskill and invest in all members of their community so we want to ensure that any school purchasing our CPD package get free access to our exceptional Governor Training Package for their Governing Body.

This training package is also available as a standalone product when purchased as a 'mini package'.

The Governance Training package gives you access to:

  • How do governors fulfill their professional and ethical responsibility? 
  • How do governing boards make the right strategic financial choices for their school? 
  • How do governing boards strategically assess and manage risks in their schools? 
  • How does the chair of governors shape strong governance and what is distinct about their role? 
  • Hackney Young Black Men initiative – understanding cultural competency, racial identity and unconscious bias
  • How do governors ensure the development of emotional, mental health and wellbeing of children?
  • How can governors improve outcomes for those at risk of exclusion and what should they know before considering an exclusion?
  • How do governors fulfil their responsibility to safeguard and protect children?
  • How do governing boards ensure effective engagement with stakeholders and effectively manage complaints?
  • How do governing boards create excellent workplaces that support staff welfare, manage performance and oversee organisational changes?
  • What do governors need to know about the Ofsted inspection process?
  • What do governors need to know to ensure the performance management of the headteacher leads to school improvement?
  • How do governors ensure an inclusive approach for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities? (Spring 2022)
  • How do governing boards observe Key Stage 2 Test (SATs) Administration to assure best practice? (Summer 2022)
  • Annual Conference x 2 spaces (Summer 2022) 


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