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The Science of Learning

A new, practical and engaging series of sessions designed for both class teachers and leaders where the theory of teaching and learning is brought to life. Over the course of the 6 sessions, delegates will hear from expert practitioners with experience and knowledge of The Science of Learning and educational neuroscience with hands-on practical strategies to take back to the classroom. All sessions will be delivered by an expert and draw upon best-practice in educational research to help your day-to-day practice evolve. Each session will contain rich, practical examples and opportunities for questions and answers; the course will develop teachers’ understanding on how pupils actually learn.

Audience: Primary class teachers and leaders, EYFS-Y6

Only a Handful! Understanding Dual Coding: Tuesday 11 October 2022
People can only attend to a handful of stimuli at once. This session will explore how teachers help students attend to learning. We will consider how teachers explicitly draw student’s attention to what is being learned and how this can be achieved.
Ben Bignall, Mossbourne Federation

The Multi-Tasker Fallacy: Making use of cognitive load theory, pt I: Tuesday 8 November 2022
Working memory is limited: conscious thinking has limited capacity. This session will explore how teachers help chunk learning into manageable pieces and how to commit to long term memory and avoiding cognitive load. Teachers will explore the misconception that ‘multitasking’ is possible and that regular, specific and frequent rehearsal is what helps to commit to long-term memory.
Clare Sealy, Head of Curriculum & Standards, Guernsey

We Remember What Is Meaningful: Using schemas, pt I: Tuesday 10 January 2023
Memory is the residue of thought. Teachers will explore the notion that students transfer information into their long-term memory when they think hard about the meaning. Teachers will explore practical strategies in helping students process new learning in a deep and meaningful way, ensuring new learning is connected to existing information.
Ben Bignall, Mossbourne Federation

Prior Knowledge is King: Making use of cognitive load theory, pt II: Tuesday 28 February 2023
Prior knowledge determines what students can learn. Teachers will learn about how new information and learning in the classroom is received by their students and how we encourage it to enter their long term memory. We will explore how teachers can ensure their students have the necessary prior knowledge to reduce cognitive load. Delegates will also explore how checking prior knowledge helps expose potential misconceptions.
Maudie Wyatt, Primary Advantage Federation

Making Learning Stick; Using practice and retrieval: Tuesday 6 June 2023
Learning ‘sticks’ through practice and retrieval. Teachers will explore how learning is the persistent change in long-term memory and how to best ensure that new learning sticks with your students. We will learn about varying ways for retrieval practice to work in your classroom and learn that not all practise is the same.
Alison Carter, Nottingham Schools Trust

Keeping Learning ‘Tidy’; Using schemas, pt II: Tuesday 27 June 2023
Students need help organising their knowledge. In this session, teachers will learn about how students need help organising their new learning into ‘schemas’ and how to building these mental structures encourage greater chance of learning ‘sticking’. Delegates will also explore how learning can be transferred to new contexts through careful application.
Ben Bignall, Mossbourne Federation


Ben Bignall is a Specialist Leader of Education for the Curriculum and Teaching and Learning and an experienced senior leader in Hackney, supporting schools in London and wider afield on curriculum development. He has written publications for both the Chartered College of Teaching and is a Visiting Fellow at Ambition Institute on their Fellowship in Teacher Education NPQ. He has delivered keynote speeches for The Chartered College Annual Conference on using research and pedagogy to inform both whole-school processes and classroom practice and has worked on Ambition Institute’s Early Careers Framework for the Curriculum.

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